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The Power of Colour in an Interior Design Scheme

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In a recent project we photographed for Lived In 365 we noticed they had really harnessed the power of colour in this interior design scheme.

Cosy sofa next to bay door with plant

The design cleverly flowed from one end of the room to the other and then into another room. It was definitely something of note.

What binds the transition from one space to another is a clever & subtle use of colour, surface and motifs.

As you walk into the room, you are greeted with a large bay door that leads out to back garden. The light, from which, floods the room with a warm glow. Instantly making you feel calm, relaxed and refreshed.

You then find the cosy corner that allows you to be washed in this glow of natural light; a relaxing blend of neutral Farrow & Ball paint on the wall is complimented by set of Train Spotter Lights, for those cosy evenings & a pastel mauve sofa and footstool combination from Swyft Home... The neutral paint and pastel pink fabric combination really ground you.

The plant at the bay door, a small homage to the outside.

Cosy sofa next to radiator

We are then guided through the kitchen area into a dinning space- we’re greeted by the mauve and neutral pallet again only now we’ve accents of green from a wall covering by House of Hackney and whispers of blue in the soft furnishings. The wall paper has a repeat pattern of trees, visually linking the outside and bringing it in but also visually linking the cosy space with the dinning space through plant motifs.

On the window side of the dinning space is a work space continuing with green and pink theme and this time using paint from The Paint and Paper Library to form the transition from the cosy corner, to the dining space before sending us into the living room.

This addition of colour and repeat of motif has a two fold purpose- It separates the space visually but begins to elude to ‘where we’re yet to go’.

Close up of green wall and pink drawers

Dinning room with tree wall paper and pink bench

The Colour Crescendo

Walking through a beautiful glass door we are greeted with a celebration of green.

Masterfully crafted & designed. The walls are a light-mid green and the ceiling a deep dark green. It is boldly understated, it’s like walking into a breath of fresh air. On the inhale one felt elated and on the exhale a sense of serenity.

In the far end of the living room, in the bay window is a mauve chaise lounge effortlessly bringing together all three spaces.

Green Livingroom with furnishings

The Running Motifs & Colour

Lived In 365 has used décor and colour to signify the upcoming living room.

From the subtle hint of the flower in the neutral and pink cosy corner, to the repeat pattern and introduction of greens in the dinning space which acts as a transitionary space... Then you entre the living room and words cannot describe the first reactions... It is something bold and beautiful and done to a very tasteful standard.

The colours hold your hand and guide you gently through the overture that is the cosy space and dinning space, building and building- wetting the appetite- until you arrive in the Livingroom. The crescendo. The fireworks. The ecstasy... The power of colour in an interior design scheme.

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