About Us

How we began

Rabbit Hole Studios was born out of a passion, and a frustration. The passion is photography and creativity, the frustration was how to bring the two together, while integrating this into the wider local community. Thus, we sought out a studio that would allow us the time and space to weld our love of photography and creativity together, while allowing this to be accessed by the local community; this is the place where it all begins…

Our studio

The studios are located in Compstall mill. This comprises of 2 main rooms, Studio A and the workshop, and a smaller room, studio B. We have our own toilet and kitchen facilities, as well as two darkrooms; One tailored to alternative and historical processes and the other for silver gelatine print making.

Who we are

Rabbit Hole studios is a partnership, ran and owned by Martina Jones and Lewis David Oldham.

Martina Jones

Martina has completed her BAHons in contemporary photography and has since been freelancing around the UK. Further to this, she has a keen interest and eye for historical processes, in particular the wet plate collodion process. To which she has worked as an intern for John Brewer, a renowned UK practitioner in historical processes. This hard work came to ahead when she received a finalist status at the highly prestigious Julia Margaret-Cameron Awards 2018, to be held in Barcelona.

Lewis David Oldham

Lewis also finished his BAHons in contemporary photography. Since then he has pursued a MA in photography, focusing on the skilful craft of silver gelatine print making, around the themes of community and urban development and the history of. His work has been exhibited in many UK venues and he is currently working on images for a chapter in a book to be published late 2018.

As a whole we enjoy all types of photography and art, why not have a peek at some of our galleries in the drop down menu?


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